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Tangible and tactical tools for your life and purpose. Hosted by confidence coach, actress and self-made petite model, DeAna Fierce. The Authentic Angle Podcast is an audible home space for real life topics and conversations. In series of non-sugar-coated and transparent, episodes all served with love and the intention. To impact females to become the powerhouses they are created to be.

Authentic Angle Podcast is for women who are on their pursuit of purpose, self- acceptance, and confidence. Through a series of non-sugar-coated conversations about finding yourself, accepting your individuality, and walking in your purpose The Authentic Angle Podcast speaks about what is real. More conversations and topics that matter. 

Unapologetically and Authentically Living.
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Of course, since you have me as your host I sprinkle some conversations about petite modeling, on-camera confidence, female swagger and how to show up in your photographs. But it doesn’t stop there, just tune in and see for yourself. This podcast isn’t formed on the foundation of exclusion but every bit of inclusion. Everyone with a name is welcomed.

Female Empowerment
needs a Restart.


Female empowerment is more than a hashtag, it is more than a trendy topic and popular post. It is a cause. One that could have an enormous impact on our generations to come.


Reasons you
should become a
Freelance Model


You have a dream of becoming a model but you like to do your own thing and aren’t so caught up in being signed to a modeling agency.


Get over your
as an Introvert.


Have the urge to jump in front of the camera but the nerves always overtake you. You can conquer your camera-shyness and show up in your photos authentically. 


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