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Today, I am talking about how to help clients feel comfortable in their photoshoot. As a photographer,  you are responsible for your client’s experience. Helping clients feel comfortable when working with you can help their overall experience and develop them as a loyal client. I know that client satisfaction is important for a photographer who is growing […]

How to Help Clients Feel Comfortable in Their Photoshoot


In today’s video, I am sharing my top 5 advice for photographers from a models’ perspective. With years of experience, I have worked with many photographers from freelance to advanced in their career. Very seldom do models honestly tell photographers about their experience with working with them. My top 5 advice for photographers is for […]


In this video tutorial, I am sharing 6 easy tips for your outside photoshoot this summer. It’s that time of year again when you love to take your photographs outside in the beautiful weather. Having your photoshoot outside in the summer there are a few things that you should consider. With my experience and love […]


In today’s video, I am sharing tips to help you avoid looking awkward in your photos and what you can do instead. Taking photographs can make a lot of people nervous. I totally get it! There are still times when I get the jitters while on a photoshoot. And it’s okay, you are human. This is […]


You finally booked the photoshoot, getting ready to create photos that you will be able to keep forever. There is only one small voice that keeps popping up in your head… The voice that tells you that you have no idea what you are going to do when you actually do get in front of […]


With more and more value is pointing towards video some may feel the need to brush up on their camera presence skills. I couldn’t agree more but what if you are someone who is shy or an introvert? If you are someone who is an introvert it can be very overwhelming to place yourself in […]

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