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  When is the last time you did a gut check on your authentic presence online? The importance of the information that you put out into the world should not go without attention and care or what I like to call, intention. Actually, you should be very intentional in the things that you share with […]

How to Create & Maintain your Authentic Presence Online 


I have always been on the front side of the camera, not so much behind the camera capturing photos of people. This has lead me to experience and meet a lot of photographers both locally and around the world. Each photographer is different they have their own style, own vibe and own way of doing […]

Five ways to Direct & Pose clients during a Photoshoot for Photographers-DeAna Fierce


 As I started to model consistently I naturally started progressing over into influencing and content creation. This is when I realized that all of these are similar. Today we are talking about how to start modeling for your blog. How to start modeling for your Blog. I know that this way of seeing social media […]

How to Start Modeling for your Blog- DeAna Fierce


  Correct me if I am wrong, but there was a day (like the first time you used a disposable camera) when you were excited to jump in front of any camera that was pointed your way. But now with all of the ‘beautifying’ apps and puckered lip poses it is easy to think that […]

7 Easy Steps to Look More Natural in your Photos-DeAna Fierce


Most will agree that we are living in a visual world. From social media to branding and business marketing the world is leaning more towards visual connection than ever before. Therefore, what we say making sure your photos speak to your audience is important. There are many mixes of online presence but if you are […]

The One Thing your Photos are Missing- Expressing Emotions-DeAna Fierce


Alrighty y’all! On August 9th-11th I attended the 6th Annual Blog Societies Conference in Alpharetta Georgia with my sister Tiffany Brown (@tiffanydbrown_). The conference was hosted at the beautiful Hotel Avalon.    I don’t even have enough words to describe our experience staying at Hotel Avalon.  I will be doing a separate post to share my […]

6 Things you Need to Know about The Blog Societies Conference- DeAna Fierce


In this video tutorial, I am sharing 6 easy tips for your outside photoshoot this summer. It’s that time of year again when you love to take your photographs outside in the beautiful weather. Having your photoshoot outside in the summer there are a few things that you should consider. With my experience and love […]


In today’s video, I am sharing tips to help you avoid looking awkward in your photos and what you can do instead. Taking photographs can make a lot of people nervous. I totally get it! There are still times when I get the jitters while on a photoshoot. And it’s okay, you are human. This is […]


If you are an online influencer we can agree on the importance of visually branding yourself and your business online. Working with brands, gaining partnerships and monetizing your photos are all products of having a solid presence and influence online. Knowing a few photography tips that attract brands can help you grow your influence in […]


Regardless of what level you are on with blogging, everyone would agree that it isn’t always as easy as 1-2-3. Although we all love running our blogs because it gives us a sense of creative freedom. Working with photographers whether they are family, friends or professional acquaintance is a part of running a successful blog. […]

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