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  Let’s talk about the 4 Self- talks that you need to dump in 2020. The talks that you have with yourself when you are alone driving your car, looking at yourself in the mirror or standing in your closet. The self-talks that you say to yourself when you are alone. Those words can seem […]

4 Self-Talks you Need to Dump in 2020-DeAna Fierce


Let us not get blindsided by hashtags, social media post popularity, but stay focus on the root cause so we can develop a solution to the problem. I’m a solution-set type of chic. This is why I don’t dabble in conflict, drama or social squabbles. If there is a problem in our world, society, and […]

Female Empowerment needs a Restart-DeAna Fierce


I have always been on the front side of the camera, not so much behind the camera capturing photos of people. This has lead me to experience and meet a lot of photographers both locally and around the world. Each photographer is different they have their own style, own vibe and own way of doing […]

Five ways to Direct & Pose clients during a Photoshoot for Photographers-DeAna Fierce

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The podcast speaks about what is real. The journey of finding who you are, accepting your individuality and walking in your purpose. Of course, since you have me as your host I will sprinkle in petite modeling, on-camera confidence and female swagger. Tune in and join the conversation. Everyone with a name is welcomed.



Is for women who are on their pursuit of purpose, self-acceptance, and confidence. Through a series of non-sugar coated conversations about life.

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