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On September 29, 2019, Larisa Lucas and I did something special. Standing on top of rolling hills of white sand surrounded by mountains with the sun shining down on us. It was better than I could have ever imagined. We exchanged our vows to one another and officially became wife and wife. Today, I am […]

Photos of our Beautiful Elopement in White Sands, New Mexico- DeAna Fierce


The reality each of us lives in can look completely different from one person to the next. It is all based on your individual perception. This is a beautiful thing. From this place of individualized perception, ideas are created, new dreams are born and revolutionized change is set in place. I’ve never openly shared it […]

The reality is, I never believed in myself enough.-DeAna Fierce


As we embark on a new decade I can’t help myself from taking some time to actually let that sink in. I mean not to show my age, which I am not ashamed of, but I remember when there were people setting fear in the minds of society that the world was going to end […]

10 Things that Don’t and Won’t Matter in 2020-DeAna Fierce


It’s time for me to share about two topics that are near and dear to my heart and those are depression and anxiety. The reason I say they are near and dear to my heart is that they lived alongside me in my life for a while. I learned a lot about how and why […]

5 Things you can do to Conquer your day when Depression Sneaks In-DeAna Fierce


  When is the last time you did a gut check on your authentic presence online? The importance of the information that you put out into the world should not go without attention and care or what I like to call, intention. Actually, you should be very intentional in the things that you share with […]

How to Create & Maintain your Authentic Presence Online 


While living my life I have crossed many hurdles and challenges. The interesting thing about living life is that you never unveil all of the things all at once, they come in at special times. This is how I discovered that I was living my life alongside a secret enemy called shame. It wasn’t until […]

Why I Stopped Living my Life Ashamed-DeAna Fierce


I really want to have a conversation around self-love. A transparent conversation about loving yourself. It is overdue and time for women to come face to face with a very important topic, Self Love.  I’m just gonna get right into this topic on my episode so I want you to tune in but first let […]

The Naked Truth about Loving Yourself-DeAna Fierce


  For many years I have struggled with feeling that what I have to share with the world is important enough. Like most people, I wondered if my insight or view of the world plays a part in the bigger picture. And if it does, how do I share my voice with the world. How […]

Authentic-Angle-Podcast -DeAna Fierce


I am 34 years of age and there is one battle that I know too well, and that my friends are the complicated battle with low self-esteem.  Like most people, women especially, my journey through the self-esteem jungle started in middle school. Yep, when good ole puberty hit. Growing into a young woman looked like […]

My Uphill Battle with Low Self- Esteem-DeAna Fierce


  You find power withing yourself when you decide to stop feeling ashamed for wanting more. Picture this, you are at work minding your own business getting tasks completed. You here your email chime with a new email so you go to your computer to check it and you see its a message from the […]

Stop Feeling Ashamed for Wanting More-DeAna Fierce

Authentic Angle


The podcast speaks about what is real. The journey of finding who you are, accepting your individuality and walking in your purpose. Of course, since you have me as your host I will sprinkle in life as a mom, acting endeavors and female swagger. Tune in and join the conversation. Everyone with a name is welcomed.



Is for women who are on their pursuit of purpose, self-acceptance, and unshakable confidence. Through a series of non-sugar coated conversations about navigating life.

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