I'm Deana

I have one sole purpose- to inspire females throughout the world to celebrate what makes them unique and equip them with the courage to share it with the world.

Having started my career as a freelance model in Jackson, Mississippi. As a small town girl I've learned over the years how make it in the entertainment industry. Now as a petite model, actress and on-camera coach I now use my knowledge to spark inspiration and impact in women across the world.  By focusing on teaching women how to stop hiding and start living fully and authentically.

Overcoming doubt, low self-esteem, and insecurities. If I wanted to succeed at my goals I first had to develop a better mindset. 

My content caters to women who are on their pursuit of belonging and self-acceptance. By providing  actionable steps that you can take to achieve your goals. By also focusing on the most important piece to your success story, your authentic self.   

The stereotypes of the modeling industry are not unknown to me - I'm 5 ft 3, ya'll! I am an actress and motivational speaker and I use my own life experiences to share my talents and skills with the world by inspiring others to believe in themselves. As a proud lesbian, I have a wealth of experience of facing the impossible head-on, learning how to not be ashamed of who you are and who you love, and going after the dreams that are placed inside of you. 

I created this space to educate, inform, and inspire women to build lifelong healthy relationships with themselves on camera and in real life.

I've been signed with a top agent for over 8 years and work regularly on regional and national campaigns, in television, commercials, and in film. Through my video tutorials, speaking engagements and coaching I  provide a realistic view of what it takes for anyone to make their dreams come true.


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i'm a plant mama - i own over 20 house plants

lip singing

you can catch me



favorite food

barqs root beer

favorite drink


favorite season

i love fitness - going to the gym and hiking are my favorite weekend activities

i live in dallas, texas

with my wife, larissa

i'm 5 ft 3!



My LGBTQ+ Journey

‘Shame is a grey area between expectation and fear. It is a chain that attaches itself to you even when you don’t realize it. Shame paralyzes your creativity, purpose, and love. You have to shine a light on this dark area, shine the light that you have inside of you.’

I still remember the day that I sat down at my parent's house at the kitchen table to tell them that I was attracted to females and had a girlfriend. That conversation left a mark on my heart that I will never forget. The events that followed afterward were not horrible but not butterflies and rainbows either. Like most parents mine had their idea of their daughter growing up, getting married having children and most importantly being heterosexual. Growing up in a small southern town in Mississippi with a family deeply devoted to Christanity the struggles that I was going to face were deeply rooted. 

I have spent most of my young adult years trying to find myself, accept myself and strengthen my faith. I use to hide, ashamed of who I was and who I loved. I do not live my life ashamed anymore and neither should anyone in the LGBTQ community. I know that my life has a purpose, I know that all things are rooted in love and I believe these things not because they have been taught to me but because I have lived and experience them.

If you or anyone you know are apart of the LGBTQ community I want you to know that everyone is welcomed in my space. A space created for the strong, the brave and the unashamed.