The reality is, I never believed in myself enough.-DeAna Fierce

The Reality is, I Never Believed in Myself Enough.

By DeAna Fierce

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The reality is, I never believed in myself enough.-DeAna Fierce

The reality each of us lives in can look completely different from one person to the next. It is all based on your individual perception. This is a beautiful thing. From this place of individualized perception, ideas are created, new dreams are born and revolutionized change is set in place.

I’ve never openly shared it is that I love to write. I started writing in my first notebook when I was in middle school. It was my escape, I would have a tough day at school or an emotional situation with my parents and I would simply go to my room, open the closet door and allow it all to pour out through ink.

I continued to write all through college. By this time I purchased a couple of nice journals and would carry them around with me everywhere I went, and I mean everywhere. Since I write from a center of emotions I just never knew when or where I would feel something and I always wanted to have a pen and my journal around to capture it in my own words. Fast forward about 3 years into my college days and I fell in love with a girl. We became a couple and the writings started to pour out of me like a waterfall. Did I mention that I am an emotional writer?

Okay, I thought so. Fast forward another 3 years and there was no more girlfriend and just my broken heart, a pen, and my journals. So I began writing and while I was writing I decided that I wanted to be an author, I wanted to write a book.

The Reality is, I Never Believed in Myself Enough.

Here I am a simple girl from a small town of Terry, Ms who wasn’t just talking about writing a book based on a relationship but about the ups, downs, and heartache I experienced with another girl. See around this time I was getting into spoken word, poetry, and monologues. The type of writings you can just stuff full of emotions and allow them to spill out to an audience that impacts them in such a way that it makes them think about the words you said.

Once this idea was planted that I wanted to self-publish a book I was on a mission. I decided that I wanted it to be a collection of my writings about my experiences, my reality. The truths I am living with like accepting I was attracted to women, coming out to my parents, falling in love for the first time, and heartbreak.

The title of my first book is Reality.

I researched and finally found a self-publisher, drove to Memphis, Tennessee to do a photoshoot that ended up being the cover of my first book and within 6 months I had a box of books with my face and name on it. Wow. I actually did it.

But the reality is, I never believed in my own words. The idea that there are people who want to hear my story. Or even buy a book from me.

I still have copies of my book because I simply didn’t believe in myself.

** Pictures of my book below this post, just keep reading and you will see them : )**

The Reality is, I Never Believed in Myself Enough.

I never promoted it, never really shared it, never talked about it. I simply accomplished one thing and never followed through to the finish line. So why do I share this story with you today?

Because I want to change the narrative that we have with ourselves. Words matter, and what we tell ourselves in our heads is what we grow to believe and if you are telling yourself that you aren’t good enough, not important, not worth it then you are simply lying to yourself and there are generations of people who need for you to share your special gift. 

I can say this now because I have been on the other side of not believing in myself and not feeling worthy and not feeling like I have anything to share with the world. But none of that is true that is just egos that were created in my head that just arent true. I wanted to share this story with you today so you know that you are not alone. There are more people out in the world that are more like you than the opposite of you. WE are all on the journey of accepting who we are, living in our truth every day and working through the challenges that come along with it.

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But you have to choose the right words to say to yourself and you have to believe those things to be true. Yes, it takes work but is it possible, hell yes it is!

When you begin to change the narrative of what you tell yourself every day then everyday your life changes. Building the foundation of your mindset is so important because it is your main operating system. Everything you believe in and comes from your mindset. So if you constantly believe that you ‘are not’ then that is what you will align within your life but when you start to believe that you ‘are’ then  all of the things you want out of life are possible

“Change the words you say to yourself and about yourself and watch how much you can change your life.”

I changed my mindset and instead of telling myself that I ‘am not’ I now say to myself. I am a writer, a natural-born writer and one day I am going to write more books. Books that will inspire, empower and be a tool that helps change women’s lives.

This time I will handle it differently. I will take my dreams all the way to the finish line. Because now I believe in my own words. And you can too.

If you have a dream, passion or skill that you tell yourself, isn’t important enough to share with the world. STOP. You are the only person who is equipped with the skills to do what you do, the way only you do it. Stand with me as we walk out of our fear of showing up as our whole selves. The world will not change if there aren’t any brave people to see the change through.

Believe in yourself, my friend.

Only love,



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I started a podcast, have you tuned in? The Authentic Angle Podcast, listen now!