10 Things that Don’t and Won’t Matter in 2020-DeAna Fierce

10 Things that Don’t and Won’t Matter in 2020

By DeAna Fierce

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10 Things that Don’t and Won’t Matter in 2020-DeAna Fierce

As we embark on a new decade I can’t help myself from taking some time to actually let that sink in. I mean not to show my age, which I am not ashamed of, but I remember when there were people setting fear in the minds of society that the world was going to end in the year 2000! But look at us now, twenty years later and we are still moving forward.

10 Things that Don’t and Won’t Matter in 2020

Which brings me to a very important point. As we move forward what does that look like for us? As a world, as a community, and as individuals? I’ve been thinking not just about myself and the trajectory that I want to aim for in the next coming months and years but I’ve been thinking about you as well. I’ve actually been thinking about you a lot, not in the stalky kind of way but in the way of wanting to inspire and truly empower the badass women I know to exist. But in order to do that, we have to talk about the hard truths. In order to move forward, we have to make sure we aren’t bringing the baggage that weighs us down and pulls us back to the past. So how do we do that?

Well, it’s going to take some work, and you all know that you are my type of peeps if you are not afraid to do the work. And by doing the work I mean there are actions you will have to take to move forward this year. But to make things a little easier I thought of this list, a list of ten things that don’t and won’t matter in 2020…at…all. So what this means for you is that you can drop these things like a hot pocket and keep strolling down your goal-achieving lane.  Because you don’t have to even worry about putting energy into these things. Instead, you can focus on what matters now and what will matter for years to come. I am talking about laser focus here.

Are you ready to move the mush out of the way and start investing your energy where it matters in 2020? Yeah. I knew you would be all in, let’s start cleaning house with the first item on the list that doesn’t matter now and certainly won’t matter in 2020.

  1. The amount of ‘likes’ you get on any social media platform
  2. How skinny/airbrushed you can make yourself appear in your photographs
  3. The opinions of others who are not aligned with your purpose
  4. How many followers you have on any social media platform
  5. How much money you make working for someone else 
  6. The amount of makeup you apply to try to fit in
  7. How perfect you try to be.
  8. A victim mentality 
  9. Expectations of what you think others should and shouldn’t do for you
  10. Trying to fit in to feel accepted 

I will not leave you with a list of don’ts without finishing off with a list of things that will actually matter the most in 2020.

  1. How real and honest you are when you do share on social media platforms, also known as being your authentic self.
  2. Showing up on your photographs that make you FEEL confident and beautiful.
  3. What you know about yourself, who you are and what you stand for.
  4. How much impact you are making in your community- truly helping 10 people change their lives will be worth more than 100 people who simply follow you for a pretty picture
  5. Building your dream and independent wealth to live your life the way you have dreamed of living it.
  6. Showing up as you are, even with makeup on, BUT allowing your inner confidence and love to shine through you to touch others. Will leave an impact on the world more than a perfect contoured face ever will.
  7. Living in your life fully accepting yourself and your quirky ways. Even if challenges arrive in your journey of life, being able to acknowledge them as a part of your story and journey and use them to propel you forward will empower you in more ways than none,
  8. Developing a solid belief system that you are victorious. Because think about it, Yes, things have happened in your life that has possibly left pretty deep scars and although if I had the power I would make sure no one had a life with deep wounds but, how would your story unfold then? Your life journey all good, bad and indifferent is what makes you the remarkable human being you are today. Coming from a belief system that the things that have (and are) happening in your life are happening for you, not to you. And the real kicker…you are still here. That means you have won every single battle. And you are on top. Embrace this fact.
  9. Having little to no expectations for others and what they can do for your life. Taking full ownership of your actions and choices.
  10.  Own your shit! Although, everyone can have a seat at the table, make sure it’s a table that you want to be sitting at. When you embrace who you are, authentically, you will find great joy in hanging around other people who embrace you just as you are. You can feel the difference from trying to fit into space versus being fully accepted. But it starts with you first. 

Aahhh, I just feel the weight lifting off your shoulders as you come to the end of this post. I hope that there were a few things that stuck out to you and really pulled on your heartstrings. The purpose of the list is to help you focus on what really is going to matter in 2020.  I had to realize all of those things I listed out, for myself. 

I got to thinking…yo! We are embarking on a new age, a beautiful new way of thinking. One that allows you to be celebrated for being who you are, as you are. To be more authentic and less ashamed or filled with fear of being judged. No mam, there are too many people in your corner rooting you on. Because we want to see what is REAL, we are moved by hearing and seeing people just like you. In order to set your eyes on the goals, you must let go of the things that will not serve you.

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