Why I Stopped Living my Life Ashamed-DeAna Fierce

Why I Stopped Living my Life Ashamed

By DeAna Fierce

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Why I Stopped Living my Life Ashamed-DeAna Fierce

While living my life I have crossed many hurdles and challenges. The interesting thing about living life is that you never unveil all of the things all at once, they come in at special times. This is how I discovered that I was living my life alongside a secret enemy called shame. It wasn’t until I started to shine light in the dark areas that were holding me back.

Things like shame were keeping me from walking in my full potential so I had to start pulling back the veiling of my own eyes.  Shame to me is an invisible monster it is the feeling of guilt and fear that secretly seeps into your life without you knowing. And if it seeped it that means it can secretly control areas of your life without you even knowing.

Why I Stopped Living my Life Ashamed. 

Just for another idea of what living a life ashamed it is like a source that is building up inside of you and growing until it becomes so strong that it literally puts a hold on your life. So imagine having these invisible chains clamped tightly around your ankles and it works its way up. From your ankles to your legs, hips, waist, arms, neck and then it clamps you around your heart. From your heart, it puts a massive lock on your mind. 

All of this is going on while you’re still going around living life not even knowing and realizing that the reason that you really haven’t stepped into your full potential is because of shame. Living ashamed of who you are, ashamed of who you love, ashamed of how you want to see the world because shame comes in so many ways.

“There is power in wiping away the shame. The power that you already possess but haven’t tapped into,now is the time, the time to step into who you are. “

Listen now- Why I Stopped Living my Life Ashamed

Today I am sharing with you a transparent area of my life and talking about why I stopped living my life ashamed. Because I know now that the only way to rid yourself of shame is to identify it, acknowledge it and slowly take the steps to work it out one day at a time. I sharing in hopes that maybe you or someone you know may take a moment to do a self-check to make sure you aren’t living your life ashamed. Because you should be living your life to your full potential and walking in your purpose every day. I don’t want shame holding you back, you are too awesome for that. 

Stick with me because I look forward to sharing with you how I realized where my shame was coming from and how I developed a method to actually unveil it. By shining a light on it so it no longer controls my life and it doesn’t have to control yours either. 

Listen now- Why I Stopped Living my Life Ashamed