The Naked Truth about Loving Yourself-DeAna Fierce

The Naked Truth about Loving Yourself 

By DeAna Fierce

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The Naked Truth about Loving Yourself-DeAna Fierce

I really want to have a conversation around self-love. A transparent conversation about loving yourself. It is overdue and time for women to come face to face with a very important topic, Self Love.  I’m just gonna get right into this topic on my episode so I want you to tune in but first let me drop some seeds of thought in your mind so when you listen to the podcast your wheels are already turning, okay.

This will not be your typical conversation around self-love, it’s not surface level, we are going deep and talking about the things that matter. There have been many days, weeks and years of silencing and sweeping under the rug of the thing that needs to be said. So I am going to say them. Plus  I really want to discuss this and I  want to open up this door of opportunity to hear from you as my listener and to start some dialogue around this self-love movement.

The Naked Truth about Loving Yourself 

And yes I do kind of cringe a little bit when I put that word ‘movement’ on the end because I do not want to make it seem as if this is just some trendy word or just because popular right now and because it’s in the top 10 hashtags on Instagram that we need to talk about it. No,  I want to talk about the naked truth surrounding self-love and that’s what this episode is going to be about. The naked-truth about what self-love truly is and what it takes to even start exploring this area for yourself. Because let’s be real, self-love is a practice. First, you have to be mindful of where you are by showing yourself love, compassion, and respect. Then you have to find the areas where you want to focus on loving yourself more and lastly you have to take action. 

“Loving yourself takes more than a hashtag to make it a reality, it takes ownership and action.”

Because I don’t know about you my friend but me myself and I have been on a mindful journey to find the areas of my life that I have been lacking in loving myself. And when I found those areas that were wilting away from a lack of love watering I had to start doing something about it. But I want to know how you feel about self-love after you listen to the podcast. I have a few things I want you to think about while you listen.

Listen to the episode now- The Naked Truth about Loving Yourself 

Do you truly take self-love actions in your own life?

What does loving all of you look like in your life?

Even today, do you feel that you could practice self-love a little bit more?

Are you still on the journey of finding out what self-love is for you?

Just a few questions I want you to think about, because like I said in the beginning, this is the naked truth about loving yourself, not the sugar-coated with sprinkles surface-level stuff. This conversation is about what matters most and that is getting to the root of what loving ourselves as women individually really look and feel like.

Let’s get started. Click the link below to tune in. 

The Naked Truth about Loving Yourself