4 Self-Talks you Need to Dump in 2020-DeAna Fierce

4 Self-Talks you Need to Dump in 2020

By DeAna Fierce

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4 Self-Talks you Need to Dump in 2020-DeAna Fierce

Let’s talk about the 4 Self- talks that you need to dump in 2020. The talks that you have with yourself when you are alone driving your car, looking at yourself in the mirror or standing in your closet. The self-talks that you say to yourself when you are alone. Those words can seem very loud in your head and maybe you never actually say them out loud. Maybe the words never leave your mouth, but they are always on replay in your head.

I focus a lot of my topics around improving and enhancing your life and purpose through your mindset. There is no way I can talk about mindset without bringing the topic up about self-talk. The self-talk you say to yourself are the things you believe about yourself, these words have tremendous power over your life. These words are the foundation of how your mind is set and how you live your life.

4 Self-Talks you Need to Dump in 2020

We spend our entire lives with ourselves. No one is getting a new brain anytime soon so what you have, is yours to keep and the conversations that you have with yourself need to be positive and constructive, not negative and destructive.

1. I am not enough.

This is the self-talk that comes from a place of comparison. Think about this, if you are telling yourself that you are not good enough, ask yourself, who are you comparing good enough too? What does good enough look like if you feel as though you are the total opposite? Every time you will notice that you are comparing yourself to someone else and here is what I have to say about the comparison. It is a waste of time and energy.

Comparison gets you absolutely nowhere in life. There is enough room at the top of your success for you. What is meant for you will always be for you because your name is already written on it, it’s just waiting for you to come and grab it. No one can take what is yours from you. Because you are enough, we are all already enough.

2. I will never be successful.

You may have dreams of starting a business, starting a non-profit or charity group that has never been done before. Or maybe you have an idea to create something that is already made but you have ways to enhance it and make it even better. But when it comes to believing that you can actually accomplish this dream, you tell yourself that you will never be successful. Is this true? I don’t think so! You can and will be successful in whatever area in your life that you believe you can be. Remember success looks different for each individual person. When you focus on what it is you really want to be successful in and start having positive self-talk around that you will see how everything starts to line up for you.

Self-Talks you Need to Dump in 2020

3. No one will ever love me.

 I know we are living in a society that wants us to believe that in order to receive love it must come from someone else.  In order to receive love, you have to give love. And if you are telling yourself that no one will love you, or that you are not worthy of love then how do you think that makes your inner soul feel? 

How is that creating a space for you to love yourself? How will you even know what true love feels like or looks like if you have no idea how to love yourself? When you start to love who you are, then love will be present in your life then guess what, others will start receiving that love from you when you start believing that you are loveable you will watch how much love starts to show up in your life but it starts with your self-talk. Remember this, You are the source of everything, you are the source of your love.

4. I don’t deserve anything good.

You see others doing great things, and you feel it in your bones that you should be doing the same thing. It just lights you up inside and you get so excited talking about it. Do you ever have those moments? But then you get in your car and you’re driving home and you start to rethink all the good things and how you want to make a change. You think about starting that business and helping others in the world and you are smiling, your heart is fluttering but then…here comes the negative self-talk saying that you don’t deserve to make 6 figures.

It continues to say things like, who do you think you are? You know where you come from, no one in your family makes that much money, I mean why do you think you are all that in a bag of chips, ugh all that money will do is make you stuck up and no one will like you. Better yet no one will even buy anything from you because you don’t know what you’re doing! Does any of this sound familiar? It certainly does for me. The truth is, this self-talk will only prove itself to be true if you (and I) feed into believing it. It’s not the truth, You can be the first, six-figure woman in your family, you can be the first one from your town to start that unique business, you can do it.

“You can do it because you were blessed with the natural talent and purpose to do it. You don’t need any other justification other than, you were made for this.”

Everything you tell yourself can be true. Your mind does not know how to decipher between truth or lies. So what you tell it to believe it will work to help you achieve that very thing. You want to make sure that what you are telling yourself is what you want to achieve.

Make sure your self-talk be the truth of who you see yourself becoming and what you know you can achieve. Leave the negative thoughts out of the conversation.

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