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How to Start Modeling for your Blog- DeAna Fierce

How to Start Modeling for your Blog 

By DeAna Fierce

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How to Start Modeling for your Blog 

 As I started to model consistently I naturally started progressing over into influencing and content creation. This is when I realized that all of these are similar. Today we are talking about how to start modeling for your blog.

How to start modeling for your Blog.

I know that this way of seeing social media influencing and content creations is a new way of thinking. But I have a question… Why do we label ourselves as to whether we’re an influencer or a brand ambassador or a model? Because they all run together, right?

When it comes to me I am not a fan of labels or titles.  Nope, not at all. I never have been, and never will be. Anything that puts me in a box or puts me in a certain ‘category’ just never jived well with me. Stick with me and let’s explore this a little bit. The full definition of a model is someone that’s trying to sell something. Whether you’re putting on clothes shoes makeup hair what have you. We’re all trying to share and or sell something whether that is you as your brand whether that is your blog and what you create in the information that you share. And before you turn your nose up and exit from this post hear me out. Selling isn’t a cure word, you do it naturally all the time. You are naturally ‘selling’ something all the time.

Check this out, you go to Target and find a new pair of shoes, you purchase them, and wear them to work the next day. Now I am going to assume that you are one of the cool chics that when you get a compliment on our shoes you go right into telling the person where you got them from even if they didn’t ask you! (I hope I’m not the only one that does this!) Guess what my friend, you just sold a pair so shoes from Target you model slash influencer slash brand ambassador you! 

Listen now- How to Start Modeling for your Blog 

Yep, and just like that you made a non-sleazy marketing advertisement for Target. So if you think of selling something like a natural way of doing things, you can realize it’s not that bad after all. I mean I am selling positively every day! From the content I share, the comments and conversations I have with strangers because that is what I naturally do. You can do this to with the content you share. 

Why am I telling you all of this?  The fact is, regardless if you see yourself as a blogger, influencer, brand ambassador, content creator or Instagram model if and when you share something with your audience you are modeling for them. You are just doing it in your own unique individual way, and that is the beauty of sharing things online. But the not so beautiful part is if you are trying to expand your reach and impact but don’t take your content seriously. This is why I am talking to you today about how to start modeling for your blog. I use the word blog but you can switch the word ‘blog’ and put any word that is more fitting for you

Model on your Instagram.

Sharing as a content creator

Modeling as a brand ambassador

You get my point, right? Okay good.

Whichever you choose it will all be the same. The content that you create matters and when you are striving to create a true and positive impact you can not overlook how you create your content and what it looks like. Photography has always been and will always be a silent messager for us. And the message that you share can be a very strong one, so let’s talk about how to build your impact and expand your reach starting today.


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How to Start Modeling for your Blog.