Female Empowerment needs a Restart-DeAna Fierce

Female Empowerment needs a Restart

By DeAna Fierce

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Female Empowerment needs a Restart

Let us not get blindsided by hashtags, social media post popularity, but stay focus on the root cause so we can develop a solution to the problem. I’m a solution-set type of chic. This is why I don’t dabble in conflict, drama or social squabbles. If there is a problem in our world, society, and communities I think spending more time talking about how to solve the issue is important.

Who started it, what started it, when did it start and where did it start isn’t that important. Yes, these facts are important but not as important as finding out a solution to move forward and really create change.

Female Empowerment needs a Restart 

Sitting around just talking and trading gossip never solved a darn thing, taking action to solve and create a solution does. 

” You can’t be on the female empowerment team if you are still on the team of comparison and jealousy. It just doesn’t work.”

When you take action it has to come with an effect. Like cause and effect. Every action has a reaction. Whether you decide to take a negative action, it will give you a negative reaction. When you decide to take positive action you will receive a positive reaction.

Action creates a ripple effect against the grain. If all you hear about or talk about is the negativity how does that feed us to take steps toward progress? I think that it keeps us in a stagnate position to feel as though there is no hope, there is no way to make it better. This is a lie.  The truth is that f we start to change the way we handle problems that arise we will start a positive ripple effect that pushes against the negativity and sets a foundation for true and impactful change.

Female empowerment is more than a hashtag, it is more than a trendy topic and popular post. It is a cause. One that could have an enormous impact on our generation and generations to come. Because when you are born to believe in all of the possibilities and you have examples to follow, what is more, inspiring than that. 

We as women have to be the examples, we have to walk the talk that we talk. No more split personalities. You know what I mean or maybe you know someone that is one type of person on social media, another type of person in a live social setting and a completely different person behind closed doors. I certainly know a few women like that myself. Don’t get me wrong there is a boundary when it comes to showcasing who you are in different areas of your life, I get it. But does that mean you have to be a completely different person?

I don’t think so.

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How about a restart?  A fresh mindset that is focused on setting up a foundation for females that really empowers them from the inside out.

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Female Empowerment needs a Restart