Reasons Why You should become a Freelance Model-DeAna Fierce

Reasons Why You Should become a Freelance Model 

By DeAna Fierce

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.Reasons why you should become a Freelance Model-DeAna Fierce

You have a dream of becoming a model but you like to do your own thing and aren’t so caught up in being signed to a modeling agency. Have you ever considered becoming a freelance model? If not, don’t worry my friend today we are going to have a little chat around freelance modeling and the reasons you should consider becoming a freelance model.

Freelance modeling is a category set aside in the modeling industry specifically any and all types of models who are out in the world either aspiring to become a model or maybe even doing their own thing for a while now but are not signed to a modeling agency. You will be considered a freelance model if you are someone who is not signed to an official agency, not under a contract with any manager.

If you are already doing your own thing, running your own modeling brand, my fierce friend, you’re a freelance model. 

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I love freelance modeling for many reasons. The first one is because this is how I started my career before I was signed to a modeling agency. There is so much value in starting your modeling career off at a pace that you can control and freelance modeling opens up the opportunity for you to build your modeling skills on a physical and intellectually level. Because it takes you being all in, taking action negotiating your rates, making your own schedule and so much more.

Now don’t get me wrong freelance modeling and agency represented modeling both have their perks but it all depends on what type of modeling you want to do and where you are in your modeling career journey.

 In today’s episode, I am going to be talking about the top reasons why you should become a freelance model. If you haven’t thought about taking this route to achieve your dream of becoming a professional model, why you should. 

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I want you to know about the options that you have when it comes you you pursuing your modeling career. Most aspiring models that reach out to me on Youtube and Instagram ask me one question…all the time. That question is, how do I find a modeling agency that will sign you? This question is a legit question but here is the thing. If you only see yourself as an ‘official’ model if you are signed to a modeling agency you placing limits on yourself.

Every modeling career does not start with a modeling agency there are many professional (and well paid) models around today that started out as freelance models and THEN got signed to an agency. They didn’t let the rejections and typical labels from modeling agencies stop them from doing what they loved. They started without being signed, they started BEFORE they got signed and you can too. So how about we get started digging into the reasons you should become a freelance model.

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