Is Modeling Right for You? And How to Decide if it is-DeAna Fierce

Is Modeling Right for You? And How to Decide if it is

By DeAna Fierce

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Is Modeling Right for You? And how to decide if it is-DeAna Fierce

Are you an aspiring model or someone who has tried modeling before, got some experience but you either gave up or didn’t know how to take it to the next level.  And there were days you asked yourself is modeling right for you? Maybe you petite like me and always had this dream of becoming a model but you don’t meet the height requirements of most modeling agencies so you’ve given up? 

Maybe you are a plus-size model and you’re really working to get into the industry but you don’t have clarity on what sector of the industry you belong in to get your career started and you are wondering should you even keep trying? Or maybe you’re just somebody that tried out modeling before back in the day and you know you didn’t take this seriously but now it’s always lingering in your mind and you really want to give it a shot but you don’t know if it’s worth your time. All in all whichever type of aspiring model you are, you are trying to figure a lot out and one question you must know for certain for yourself is If modeling is right for you. 

Today you get some answers, my friend, when you tune into today’s episode. 

But first, you have to ask yourself some questions, are you an aspiring model? ( Influencer, content creator, blogger, they are all the same in the context of modeling) 

Do you enjoy having your photo taken and talking about businesses and brands? 

Do you like to talk about brands, products and help showcase them to your friends, family, and community?

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Is Modeling Right for You- And How to Decide if it is.

 Got your answers, good, because here’s the thing.

Modeling still has a very strong place in the marketing industry. In today’s society, there are many types of modeling that are surfacing compared to just 10 years ago. Think about it, today you have social media leading the way as platforms that drive marketing shares through the roofs. And how do these companies market to you on social media? They are content creators and influencers. But it doesn’t stop at Instagram you have Facebook and Youtube as well so the number of modeling opportunities has not ceased but are actually growing by the numbers. 

Which brings me to my episode for today.  If you are an aspiring model, content creator or influencer is modeling right for you? And how do you know if it is? Because let me be straight forward with you. Modeling is marketing, it is a way for company, business or brand to have you help them advertise a product. That is basically what modeling is and based solely on this fact you have to know if it is something you really want to do. And that is why I am here to guide you to find out. I am going to talk about that very thing but also how to decide if modeling is right for you.

I’m going to dig into some very important topics that will help you gauge and make your decision on if modeling is right for you and if it’s something that you want to pursue seriously. 

Listen to the Podcast Now- Is Modeling Right for You? And How to Decide if it Is.