8 Steps to Start your Petite Modeling Career today-DeAna Fierce

8 Steps to Start your Petite Modeling Career Today!

By DeAna Fierce

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8 Steps to Start your Petite Modeling Career today-DeAna Fierce

I want to talk to a very specific group of women today, those who fall under the height of  6 feet tall and are interested in modeling or becoming model today we are going to have a chat. We will be going over 8 steps that you can start doing today to get your modeling career started.

If you fall under 6 feet then you are considered a petite woman and when it comes to the modeling industry you are considered ‘not tall enough’ to model. This is not an honest statement at all but it has been said to so many aspiring models over the past years and is still something aspiring models are hearing every day. I am here to help guide you, break the stereotypes and the lies that you may hear along your journey of starting your modeling career. 

8 Steps to Start your Petite Modeling Career Today!

Now, these steps are for a particular group of females. The steps work, this I know for sure because they worked for me and many others.  However, they will not work if you are not willing to do the work. These steps are not for those who are not serious about achieving a modeling career and getting paid. The steps won’t work if you are simply trying to become a model to try to be popular. Nope, these are not those types of quick over-night success steps. These are the steps that take you from a hobbyist to a professional model. These are the steps that serious females take when they know they have a dream of becoming a model. 

So if you are truly an aspiring model and you have been dreaming of becoming a model for a while.  Striking a pose on photo shoots and traveling all over the world, seeing your face in magazines then this episode is for you.

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I understand that trying to start your modeling career can be a very challenging and frustrating process, especially as a petite model. I mean there are many aspiring females who say they want to be a  model just like you. How do you stand out from the crowd of wanna-be models?  There are opportunities popping up every single day. But how do you get started? How did you get into the industry when the majority of the modeling agencies are going to tell you that you aren’t tall enough?

Let me tell you the answer to these questions by sharing the steps to help you start your petite modeling career. I have filtered out all of the mistakes. These are the top steps that I had to learn the hard way but you don’t. All you have to do is start taking action for yourself today. 

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8 Steps to Start your Modeling Career Today!