How to Overcome Your Fear of Modeling

By DeAna Fierce

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I wasn’t born with a dream of becoming a model. When I decided to pursue a modeling care I had to learn how to overcome my fear of modeling. I mean I was a tomboy in a county town driving my dad 1995 pickup truck that we called the green hornet. I wanted to go to join the military, go to college and work in a lab.

Yep, those where my goals when I was younger and out of them I have only done one…going to college.

See I thought that I could plan my life and it would go just as I had planned but it hasn’t. it took an exciting turn when I became 22 years old. I had my first photoshoot and then my dream was born.

  I didn’t grow up dreaming of becoming a model.

Starting out in something that I did not know much about was scary and new fears emerged. I’m going to spell them out for you and tell you how you can overcome your fear of modeling.

1. Worrying about who ‘likes you

Wanting to be a model is a big discussion because you realize and accept the fact that it will be your job to look good and you must look good in front of other people, complete strangers. What if they don’t like me?

I pondered with this thought many days until I asked myself, What if they DO like you?

You won’t know until you try. It’s important to understand and accept that out of the billions of humans in the world there is one thing that is guaranteed, everyone will not be your biggest fan. Period. And that’s okay. Because there are others out there who can be. So I changed my expectations and stopped seeking approval from others. I started on my mission to be an inspiration for those who would enjoy viewing my skills and talents.

2. Not meeting height requirements

Cringing every time I have to fill out documents that ask for my height. You almost get to the point where you want to tell a small lie and claim that you are taller than you actually are. I am guilty, I must admit. When I accepted my dream I dug straight into researching. I was looking in magazines, searching online and got sucked into admiring all of the tall and super slender models that were posted on the pages. Then I began to realize that the most elite modeling agencies had height requirements that I did not meet. I became discouraged, no need for me to even think about being a model there aren’t any agencies to get signed to all they want are the tall models.

Then I am out shopping with my mom in the local department store and we were about to do are normal splitting of the styles (I go to the more fashionable section while she goes to the ‘old ladies” section, don’t tell her I wrote this!) So I ask, which section are you going to be in? her reply, ‘I will be in the petite section.’ Wait a minute… the little voice inside my head began to say… ‘if there is a petite section then that means they must have petite models advertising their clothes.’  I was filled with excitement and started digging deeper into the modeling industry.

I realized everything isn’t what it appears to the surface sometimes you have to dig deeper to get to the really good stuff.

But if you stop digging you never know what treasures you will find. I accepted that I was blessed to be petite and I was going to show the world how I am tall enough.

3. Thinking you are not good enough

Out of all of my fears, this was my toughest one to break. Not feeling good enough doesn’t just affect us in our dreams and aspirations it affects us in our everyday life, relationships, and jobs. On top of completely chasing my dreams, going for something that wasn’t as average as most and doing it against all odds can be very challenging. You have to have the right mindset to go up against any challenging.

I felt as though I wasn’t going to be good enough. No one would consider me a model because I didn’t have the look, I didn’t know how to pose, heck I didn’t even have a strong self-esteem! As I started to take photos I realized that all of these insecurities showed in my photos. I had to stop it, it wasn’t cute, not at all. The first step was identifying the problem, I did this by simply asking myself, what I was afraid of?

 My mind started spitting out these fears and I had to break them down and develop a solution for them.

I had to be patient to learn everything that I needed to know. I needed the knowledge to help me perform better as a model. I needed to develop a great attitude to build lasting partnerships in the industry, and most importantly I had to start loving my self holistically. Speaking positive words over my present and future goals. I had to stop saying all of the negative things and start saying some to the honest things like,

I am good enough, I can do this, I have what it takes, Stay patient, Keep learning.

When I started doing this I started to appreciate my journey and accepted the fact that life can be a breeze or a harsh wind it is our choice to decide how we want to stand. Don’t allow fear to go down your list of dreams and goals and start deleting them one by one. Stop it right now and start something new. Start changing the way you accept fear and introduce positive thoughts and actions.

Tell me, what fear is preventing you from achieving? Leave your comment below and let’s talk about it.

Go forward Fiercely,

De’Ana Fierce