5 Things to do when Depression starts to Seep In

By DeAna Fierce

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My battle with depression is something I share openly. I am not longer ashamed of my condition and have learned simple steps to help manage it when I feel it start up. I want to share 5 things to do to redirect your focus when depression starts to seep in.

Turn on music

Create a playlist that has several of your favorite songs. Make sure the songs are upbeat and positive. You want to stay clear of songs that have sentimental memories attached to them. Instead, list the songs that you love to sing out loud when you are in the shower or singing in the car. If you are like me you are always ready for one girl in car performance!

Go for a walk

Nature is healing. Always has been and always will be. When you feel like depression is slowly starting to roll in. Drop what you are doing and go for a walk. Get outside, take deep breaths in, raise your eyes to the sky and release. When you are on your walk don’t focus on the words in your head, instead focus on your surroundings. Take nature in and allow it to nurture you.

Turn off all electronics

Life will go on the world will continue to spin, I promise. It is okay to turn off electronics and step away from it. Spending a few hours a day unplugged can have a positive impact on your overall attitude drastically. The feeling of always having to be ‘on’ or watching what everyone else is doing can be overwhelming. But the reality is, for what? There is no need to be on all the time. Give yourself a break, pick it back up when you are ready.


I love to write. I actually wrote and self-published my first book when I was 21 years old. Writing has been my therapy since I was young. Writing in a personal journal can be used as a release. Putting feelings out on sheets of paper to help you to let things go versus keeping the words bound up inside.

Get to moving

I dance in my car and when I am at my apartment alone when Luke is at work. I will turn on my echo and tell Alexa to pump up the jams. I know you are probably thinking, Deana dancing is the last thing I feel like doing when that depression devil comes knocking. But hear me out. Often times getting up and taking that one step is the hardest step but it is worth it. Even if you just rock side to side, step your feet in front of one another or just bounce your shoulder up and down. Your mind starts to get focused more on your body loving versus the words of doubt it is repeating. Give it a try, if you ever need a virtual dancer I’m ya’ girl!

Fighting depression is a real thing, not to be ignored. But every fight has a winner, I win everyday that I get up and keep pushing. If you are reading this it means you are a winner too, a champion. Let’s keep racking the wins and keep shining our light.

Go forward fiercely,