Vlog Edition- Body Positivity and How to Model It

By DeAna Fierce

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Today I am sharing my video chat about Body Positivity and How to Model it. In today’s society, it is so important to get a grasp on self-love and body positivity. Although many have probably seen the hashtag some might not be aware of the meaning of body-positive.

In this candid video, I am talking open and honestly about what body positivity is and how you can model it.

Body Positivity & How to Model It

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Body Positivity & How to Model It with DeAna Fierce

Being body positive is more than a hashtag, it is more than a label it is a movement that changes the way we speak and see ourselves. I love having conversations about the true view of beauty. These types of conversations are needed and should be had as much as possible.

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Now go forward fiercely,

D. Fierce

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