How to Overcome your Fear of being On-Camera- For Introverts

By DeAna Fierce

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With more and more value is pointing towards video some may feel the need to brush up on their camera presence skills. I couldn’t agree more but what if you are someone who is shy or an introvert? If you are someone who is an introvert it can be very overwhelming to place yourself in large groups, unfamiliar places and show your true self-on-camera. I totally get it, I use to be extremely shy too. But I learned small steps that I was able to practice that helped me slowly conquer my shyness and be more confident on camera. These tips I am sharing with you. Yes, you learn tips that help you overcome our shyness and shine through on-camera!

How to Overcome your Fear of being On-Camera- For Introverts

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How to Overcome your Fear of being On-Camera- For Introverts

In this video, I am sharing with you tips that you can apply today to start overcoming your fear of being on-camera for introverts. I will discuss my top 4 tips that can help you start taking charge and practicing so you can start feeling more comfortable on camera. These tips work for any situation whether it is video or photography. Here are the 4 tips I will be discussing in this video. 

Warm up


Be yourself

Practice with your mirror


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I know how scary it can be to be on camera. Even recording a video of yourself or even having a photographer take your pictures can make you nervous. If you start practicing these tips that I have shared in my video, today will start to feel more comfortable. The more comfortable you feel and the easier it is to be your true self on camera.


DeAna Fierce


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