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Capturing Style Photos that Monetize- Working with Photographers

By DeAna Fierce

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Regardless of what level you are on with blogging, everyone would agree that it isn’t always as easy as 1-2-3. Although we all love running our blogs because it gives us a sense of creative freedom. Working with photographers whether they are family, friends or professional acquaintance is a part of running a successful blog. When you are able to create content and get paid to do it, well that’s just freaking awesome!

There are 5 Tips for Working with Photographers to help you Capture Style Photos that Monetize I want to share with you.  Monetizing your blog is a smart move and making sure your work is attractive for brands to pay you is possible.

Capturing Style Photos that Monetize- Working with Photographers


Communicate with the photographer the details that you are wanting to be captured. This will help the photographer to know what areas they need to focus on.  Clothing, accessories, whatever it is you plan on advertising on your blog or on your social media for a brand make sure you get photos that showcase it.  It’s very important to capture the details of any item that a brand has.

This goes beyond just the tag or specific label of a brand, but more so any small details that help the item stand out. Often times this is a great opportunity to capture a detail that you are in love with. This way when you share it with your audience you can connect with the item and gain influence on why someone else should purchase one too.  You don’t want to leave the details out because that is usually what helps somebody make the decision of what they actually want to purchase something.

Communicate with the photographer the details that you are wanting to be captured.


Horizontal and vertical photos are good to have on the different social media platforms. For example, Instagram loves vertical photos and Facebook loves horizontal. This is also based on your blog layout, you want the photographer to capture both. Also, you never know when a brand will ask for a sponsored post or to share your content. Having a range of photo sizes gives you the upper hand. It shows that you are prepared and have a range of content to share. When it comes to monetizing your photos both vertical and horizontal shots are helpful. 


Have the photographer capture more than three photos of a look and with them the different angles. A good rule of thumb is 10 to 12 photos per look. What this does is it gives you a lot of content to play with. Also if you’re working with a brand they may want content that you’re not using on the blog. Always try to push to have in between 10 to 12 photos for each look, that doesn’t mean you have to post each one. It simply means that you have some extras in your back pocket just in case you need to post something at a later date.

A good rule of thumb is 10 to 12 photos per look.


When thinking of ways to create content that will sell on your blog it is best to think as a consumer. When you are capturing your photos don’t get stuck with a bunch of portrait style shots. You want to create content that is easy to sell and that your audience can relate to. Having photos that are more than just portrait shots gives you powerful playing room with the type of content you can share on your blog and social platforms.

Have the photographer to capture photos of you that are full body, quarter body, and chin down. Keep in mind what the focus of the style is and make sure that is in your photos. If you are wearing a pair of shoes that you are showcasing. Have the photographer capture shots of your lower legs, you walking, sitting and maybe dancing in the shoes.  
Combine this with Tip #2 and your photos will attract brands from many platforms. 


 Consumer purchases are influenced by those who they generally like and trust. Being relatable is an important trait to have as a blogger. If you are capturing your style and you are excited about sharing it with your friends and audience don’t be afraid to express it in your photos. This is more of a role that you as a style blogger must do. Working with a photographer that you are comfortable with can help you feel at ease to be yourself when doing your photo shoot. 

Don’t avoid showing your personality smile, have fun when you’re taking your photos!

I like to think of blogs as personal magazines. The content that you create is either selling you or being sold by you. Think about it, when you’re scrolling through a magazine you see how they have full body, different photos sizes, different angles. There are emotions expressed, details you can see and personalities that smile right at you. These are the factors that help sell.  If you are trying to monetize your blog think of it as a chance to create your own visual magazine. 

I hope these 5 easy tips are helpful. I would love to know some ways that you monetize your photos?

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Go forward fiercely,

DeAna F.


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