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10 Rules for Group Photos

By DeAna Fierce

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If you are like most people then you are always looking for a way to take photos of the ones you love.  This may be in the form of family portraits, blogger meetups or just a good ole snapshot of you hanging out with your friends. But there is always one in the group that dreads taking group photos…maybe that person, is you?

10 Rules for Group Photos that You will LOVE!


If you are taking photos with 2 or more people sometimes things can get confusing really quick. Today I will be sharing 10 Rules for Group Photos that you will Love. Yes, you read that right, you do not have to run away from group photos anymore! Let’s check them out!

1. Communicate

Communication is key. There is no denying it and it plays an important factor whenever you have multiple people in one place all looking for the same outcome. I say all of this to say, communicate with each person who will be in the photo. You can communicate things like if everyone should be smiling or looking pleasant or fierce. If there are any little moves that you are trying to capture you should communicate this to each person who will be in the photo with you. This gives them a fair chance to do their part in nailing the group photo with you.

2. Visual Alignment- Know your Heights

Know the heights of those who are in the photo with you. It is a good rule of thumb to place the taller individuals toward the back and shorter individuals toward the front. If you are planning on standing next to one another in your group photo the taller individuals will be in the center and the shorter individual will stand toward the outer sides. This helps the photo to be visually appealing because there are different visual alignments. 

3. Lean forward not backward.

When you smile and laugh with one another lean forward slightly. We typically tend to lean backward and away from the camera. By leaning slightly forward toward the camera can breath fresh air into your group photo. It looks more natural and is more welcoming visually.


Stop cringing and start falling in love with group photos!


4. Don’t forget the camera

I know everyone is getting warmed up by now and the fun times are about to roll. But keep the camera in mind, you still want to keep your shoulders open toward the camera and making sure that the camera is still able to see your face. One of my favorite tips here is to have one person look at the camera and have a few people look away from the camera. This brings awareness to the group photo while still allowing the fun to still flow authentically.

5. Walk with it

Walking in a group can be tricky but by communicating with one another and being mindful of each person in the group it becomes a very simple task. When walking in a group don’t block them visually and play with your angles. This is a perfect time to tell everyone to smile or not, to look at the camera or not, etc.


6. Stagger no more straight lines

When you have a group of friends who are different heights use this to the advantage of the photo. Instead of having everyone stand in a straight line next to each other stagger with one another. This may mean that one person is a half step out in front or to the side. Also going back to back with one person in the group creates a range of creative opportunity!


7. Take more than one and give a countdown

Rather you are the one taking the photo or having your photo taken. Make sure you tell the person who will be taking the photo to take more than one photo and to give the group a countdown such as 1…2…3. This helps the group tremendously to get posed and ready for the camera before it snaps!

8. Play with Angles

All photos don’t have to be taken straight on, ask the photographer or person taking the photo to take the photo at an angle. They may have to bend a knee to get lower than you or they can sit while the group stands. This can give you a range of eye lines to play with and some pretty cool shots visually.

9. Wrap your arms/ Touch a shoulder

Instead of having your arms down to your side or on your hip. Place your hand on the person next to your waist or place your hand on their shoulder. Acknowledging the other people in the group photo brings life to the photo. It also can help your friend to loosen up a little bit!

10. Show personality

If you aren’t having fun…then why are you doing it? Always remember that everything is an experience so do your part to make it a fun one. Show your personality in your photos whether you love to dance like my sister Tiffany and I or making a silly face. Even when there are multiple people in a photo don’t forget to enjoy one another and yourself.


Capturing moments in group settings shouldn’t be hard. With these 10 Rules on Group Photos, I am sure you will fall in love with group photos and began capturing some amazing memories with friends and family.

What are some things that make you cringe when it comes to taking group photos? What are some tips that you like to go by whenever you take group photos? Share them with us!

Leave a comment below and let me know what’s up!

Going nail those group photos honey!


De’Ana F.