How to Connect with Your Audience in Your Photographs

By DeAna Fierce

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Using your eyes in your photos is as important as your overall pose in the photograph. Posing is very important and one skill that must be excised with flexibility and creativity. This stands for the positioning of your eyes as well.For all of the fans of ‘America’s Next Top Model’ reality show, you may recall when Tyra Banks explains to the models on how to “Smile with your eyes”.

This is a perfect example of how to use your eyes to portray a certain look and feel in your photographs. Let’s explore 3 ways you can use your eyes in your photographs to connect with your audience.

1.)  Straight on

To achieve this eye position I practice on keeping my focus OFF of not the camera lens, instead, I focus on the wording that is located right inside the rim of the lens. This helps me to not be intimidated about looking into the eye of the camera but I can focus on something that is more realistic to me, the simple wording on an object. It takes away the nervousness of looking directly into the lens of what is capturing your soul.

2.)  Side Glance

With this eye positioning, it is not as hard to achieve but there are several things to still keep in mind when doing this one. You want to make sure that your eyes are looking at something, it can be a particular object, person or thing. As well as a spot on the floor, it is important to make sure your eyes are focusing on something this will help your eyes to not look busy. Eye positioning to me is feeling an emotion and portraying that emotion physical from head to toe. Once I have the emotion set in my mind and I have established it in my eyes and body position I focus in on what I want to stay glued to. This does not mean I freeze and do not move it simply means I keep that emotion in my mind while focusing on that object and flow around it.

3.) Half Portrait

This eye positioning is similar to Side Eye in the concept of how to achieve it but the main difference is the position of your head/face. When a model hears the photographer instruct them to turn their face into the portrait position we know that it means to turn our head completely to the side so only one side of your face is visible to the camera.  Keeping this in mind you can visualize that a Half Portrait will be slight to the side where the majority of one side of your face is visible to the camera. Taking the same techniques of holding emotions in your eyes and focusing on a point to keep your eyes from looking busy you will achieve this positioning. Remember it is about your eyes making contact with something to help you maintain focus and in tune with the emotion you are wanting to express.

The eyes of a model are very important, we don’t realize it but when we are looking at photographs we are drawn in by what the eyes are telling us.

Yes, the makeup, outfits, and posing of the model attract us as well but when it comes to us really exploring and studying a photograph most of the time it will be the eyes because that is where we hold relatable emotions.

What is your favorite emotion to express with your eyes in your photographs? Comment below and let us talk about them.

Until we chat, go forward Fiercely!

De’Ana Fierce

Photographer Credit { @daniellemsabol}

Make-Up and Hair { / @tiffanybrownmua}