LGBTQ+ women  build their confidence through their pursuit of belonging & self-acceptance. 

 My Mission is to help

All humans deserve respect and the opportunity to live their lives as who they truly are regardless of sexual orientation. I help LGBTQ+ women build their confidence through their pursuit of belonging and self-acceptance.


I'm DeAna


My belief is that everyone is born with confidence & purpose regardless of your sexual orientation. We all have a purpose to fulfill and it's our sole responsibility to stop hiding & start showing up for it. 

I am here to help you dust off all the skills, talents and tools you have stored inside of you and bring them out from their hiding spots. You can  start showing up in your life for yourself and for those who truly admire you. How do I do it? I go to the center of what really matters, mindset. Every woman can benefit from a mindset that is focused on personal growth, abundance, and possibility.


Authentic Angle


The podcast speaks about what is real. The journey of finding who you are, accepting your individuality and walking in your purpose. Of course, since you have me as your host I will sprinkle in petite modeling, on-camera confidence and female swagger. Tune in and join the conversation. Everyone with a name is welcomed.



Is for women who are on their pursuit of purpose, self-acceptance, and confidence. Through a series of non-sugar coated conversations about life.

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Coaching for on-camera, video confidence, petite modeling and more. Work with me and you'll learn how to  step out with your own sense of female swagger.

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You are made for more.

regardless of 

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